Welcome to this blog! My hope is to make this site a place where artists and viewers can learn from each other, including myself, by networking about art. I am changing the name of the site and the appearance to reflect a renewed vision.

The name chosen is MONTAGE, which means a picture made by arranging or superimposing a number of pictorial elements. It also is the name of the art process for creating such a picture. The name includes collage, in which multiple elements are adhered to a surface.

The implication metaphorically also fits this site which would welcome input from a variety of artists – contributing different ideas and approaches from which all could benefit, and creating a whole which is more than the sum of the parts.

Since I work in a variety of media, and use many techniques, I have the most to offer within the broad category of Mixed Media Montage, Collage, and Computer Photo Montage. I envision the blog as a place to share with others the various approaches and media which are used in my work, and especially to answer questions about the “How to” aspect of techniques for creating particular effects.



I invite those who would like to share a new approach related to creating art to contribute related techniques, or other information which would complement and expand what I can offer. The person contributing would be attributed, with copyright and web site could be linked as well.  

Send a proposal through the comment feature on this blog and I will follow up . Leave your contact information, which will not be used for any other purpose. Thank you. Ruth Zachary.