Monday, August 25, 2008


"My Muse Takes Me Out to a Sidewalk Cafe"

The process of creating art, for me, whether expressed in visual forms or in words, is an intuitive process, in which
connections between different images are noticed, and
demand to be recorded. The connections between diverse images seemed to convey meanings beyond those of single

This first happened many years ago while working in the darkroom in a photography class. Soon this way of seeing
spilled over into other art forms, such as etching and painting. Eventually drawn to Photoshop as a tool for
creating art, I began to mix the effects possible by using
many media in combination.

I have been a closet writer as well, and often have been attracted to poetry. There is an obvious link between the two forms. Metaphors are not limited to words. Perhaps images are the most primeval metaphors of all.

I invite others to share their thoughts about their
unique creative process. Or if anyone has questions
about these comments, I'd love to answer them!

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