Thursday, September 11, 2008


Matrilineage. Computer Manipulated Photos

A copy of the first black and white multi-generational family portrait was colored using Photoshop.

Each of the five heads in the back row was outlined with the lasso tool, and filled with an orange tint, using the "color" mode, with a reduced percentage of transparency.

The three figures in the front were already in color and were added in additional layers. The foreground and the background layers were retained separately over a transparent background, to enable use of separately cut out groupings. Layers must be saved as a psd (Photoshop) document to preserve them, and take a lot of memory. The file size can be greatly reduced as a JPEG document, but layers are lost and the background becomes white.

All images and writing are the exclusive property of Ruth Zachary.

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Judith Angell Meyer said...

How cool! Now I know for sure you are more creative than I am. And then to be able to transfer your ideas to PhotoShop and have the skill to make that work ... well, I'm impressed.

Looking forward to more!