Monday, January 4, 2010


Flight of Imagination. Computer study for Collage

Not a Dress Rehearsal

I don’t want to act as though anything is different than it is. The only acting I want to do is to act as if I am the person I most want to be; the artist I most want to be in the present moment. That kind of acting is practice, not pretending.

Hi, Readers,

I hope you have not given up on me. I am happy to report my Eye Doctor says my Surgery went as well as is possible, and I can look forward to improved vision. I had two cataract surgeries in December, and am trying to limp along with my old “readers” since I must still wait for a new prescription for glasses.

The new year often stimulates new plans for an artist, and after a year of not planning much, I am anxious to get on with it. This week I started experimenting with Photoshop, to take up where I left off almost a year ago. The above imagery is a piece in progress, working with layers and making experimental adjustments to the mode and the opacity oprions of the layers. If you like experimenting, you might try this. I used painted textures, painted imagery and photos in different layers.

Imagery and writing is the © Copyright of Ruth Zachary

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Trevor Cunningham said...

Hoping your vision continues to improve.