Monday, February 15, 2010

"Virtual" Housecleaning

Laura's Refrain. Study for Mixed Media Collage.  © Ruth Zachary 2010

Dear Readers,

Today, I started another blog, because my work has been evolving over the past year into abstraction as a style. I will not be abandoning my other forms of expression, but I plan to separate the more abstract work from the forms which contain more realistic subject matter. The heading on the new blog includes “mixed media art”. As yet, It is not complete enough to come up with a search on Google.

My web site at will continue to feature Montage imagery, as will this blog, with more recognizable subjects. This is an effort to meet the needs of people looking for my work on line, so they can find what interests them most.

Eventually I may have a second website with the abstract work on it, but I am not very proficient with these programs, and my months away from the technical side means I can’t build a website as quickly as I can a blog.

Today I have done some “virtual” housekeeping, and am removing files from this blog which seem less relevant. I have removed most of the poetry, and eventually will transfer the purely abstract imagery to the other site. The emphasis for this site may also change to address techiques and methods for montage composition.

Note: Many of the images I have for the web are “studies” because the process of creating the final work results in a changed version. That is the nature of collage. When finished I will take a photo of the final image, but in most cases, final photos are not yet available.

All writing and images are the exclusive © Copyright of Ruth Zachary 2010.

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