Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Composition with Abstract Art

Composition, whether it contains recognizable imagery or is limited to purely non-objective content, is much the same process. Shapes or forms of varied hues and values, lines, movement, balance, are arranged to create interest, and hopefully to keep the viewers interest for a period of time. Collage is a medium which allows moving shapes, lines and colors around within the picture plane before adhering the papers to a background.

The three images above show the steps this composition went through before the final version was chosen, and also that after choosing the final arrangement, many changes may continue to be made, using acrylic paint. (Not all the images were allowed on this post,  but the numbers will identify the order of creation)

In the first is shown the original computer concept. In the second, is the rearranged version, also on the computer. Paper textures scanned into the computer were used to come up with the layout, and printed out with colorfast inks on archival papers. The computer study was printed out as well, as a 4x6” image to work from. Working small initially helps me to overcome the difficulty I often have with larger scale proportions. The floral images were included at the end to convey the idea of a garden concert. The final image was size 18x24.”

Acrylic medium was used to adhere the papers to the canvas, and the finished image, which included tonal washes of acrylic paint to strengthen the composition, and the black border, was sealed with acrylic varnish. The final image was a photograph of the piece. I am having difficulties with my ten- year old camera, and put it on auto focus, which still comes out a little blurry.

The piece expresses a sad theme, using letters written home from soldiers in Iraq, which is why I called it Concert in Blue Flat Minor.

This piece was shown about one year ago in Greeley’s Madison and Main Gallery for the annual Garden Show.

Please note: I have a new blog site, which features Abstract Art Exclusively. Go to Google and ask for Mixed Media Abstract Art by Ruth Zachary.

This site is about the techniques of creating art, especially in photo montage, and in mixed media collage and includes the various kinds of art I have made in the past, or am creating in the present, and includes both abstract art and realistic art.

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