Monday, January 31, 2011

Geometric Abstraction


Geometric/ Patterned Composition

This composition was created on the computer, by cutting out shapes from various brightly colored patterned fields. Each shape was placed in a separate layer over a background field. The shapes were manipulated by rotating them manually and placing them in relation to the other shapes, until a pleasing arrangement was found.
Using Collage: The patterned fields are printed out, and approximate shapes and patterns are arranged to be similar to the study. The finished Collage is usually different than the original study, more or less.
This is my first post since last fall, because I have been busy with several projects. I have finished my first book of poetry,
The Woman Who Named Herself published by Xlibris. A longer description may be found on my rzwritestuff

Another project I have been involved with has been helping to set up a creative group where many art forms will find expression in the UU church and in the community of Greeley, Colorado. To learn about this, check out

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