Monday, February 21, 2011


Chinoiserie, Mixed Media Collage,  By Ruth Zachary. © 2011

Hello Readers, I am back.

I am still very busy. I have been involved in creating an art exhibit and art events program, Chalice Arts, on first Fridays of each month at my church. It is part of the Art Tour in Greeley, CO.  If you are interested, see the blog about the group on This doesn’t begin to explain how much work there is to arrange publicity, mailings, contacting artists, and speakers and all that goes with such an organization. The past two months my own work was on display, as the program began in October of 2010, and there had not yet been time to arrange for featuring anyone else.

After having a number of montages up on the walls, I began to long for the days of creating hand made montages and collages. I had stopped working that way, except for photo montage, and abstract collage, because I bellieved my drawing had become stiff, and I needed to do something else, to loosen up and become more free in my approach. I am now hopeful that I can return to hand made montages again. I have several themes planned. They will include works that are smaller than some of the collages I have done, and can be used as illustrations as well. I am not yet planning to work with etching as I did in the 1990s, although that could come in the future.

I finished my book of poetry, The Woman Who Named Herself, in the fall, mentioned in my post of  9-14-2010. It is available at and

I am now working on another book of poetry which will be about family, and I believe it will include experiences that many people may relate to in their own lives.

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